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The Brown Trap-Door Spider

Another common species is the brown trap-door spider, Arbanitis fuscipes, extremely plentiful around Sydney, but with a generally wide Australian distribution. ' This spider shows a marked preference for open spaces of hard, clayey soil in which to excavate its lid-less burrow, which is almost always un­lined. In rare cases, it may have a brief draping of silken tapestry within the first inch or two of the shaft. The rather slender, stream-lined female is brown in color with a faint pattern of paler hue along the centre of the abdomen; the more lightly built male is similar in form and color, but may be readily distinguished by the form of the palps, which are so greatly swollen at their extremities that he would appear to be wearing boxing-gloves. In spite of its numbers and wide distribution, this spider is retiring in its habits; and this probably accounts for the fact that only one case of bite has come under my notice—that of an elderly woman who was bitten on the finger while gardening. She suffered from shock, but no other harmful effects were experienced.








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