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Huntsman Spiders

The Wolf Spider

The Voracious Water Spider

Orb Web Builders

A Fascinating Sight

Riddle of the St. Andrew's Cross

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The Death's Head Spider

Queen of Spinners

The Hairy Imperial Spider

The Beautiful Spiny-Bellied Spider

The Crab Spider

The Jumping Spider

The Flying Spider

Bird-Catching Spiders

A Spider that Barks?

Trap-Door Spiders

The Brown Trap-Door Spider

The Funnel-Web Spider

The Venomous Red-Back Spider

Deadliest of Creatures



The Flying Spider

One remarkable species must be mentioned here—the so-called flying spider (Attus volans), a beautiful metallic blue or green in color with abdomen marked with concentric rings of blue, white and red, It does not actually fly—no spider can do this—but the abdomen bears extensive flaps which, when extended, en-able it to plane through the air thus greatly increasing the range of its leap.








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