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Haunts of The Platypus

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Pelt Hunters and the Platypus



Pelt Hunters and the Platypus

In the bad old days, before it was protected by game laws, the platypus was a common victim of pelt hunters, who, along with furriers, profited greatly at the expense of Ornithorhynchus. Platypus skin rugs were valued for their warmth and beauty, and they were quite plentiful. Thousands of pelts went to their making. It has long been unlawful to possess even one skin; and when a platypus rug was exhibited in London some years ago, the news was cabled to Australia and some of our daily papers published it with candid comment and speculation as to the origin of the forbidden article which represented more than 40 "duck-bills." It was learned that the almost priceless rug had been made from skins given to a British peer more than 60 years ago when he had held a very important post in Australia .

But things have changed a great deal since then, and the almost affection-ate attitude now adopted towards the platypus is in marked contrast with the feelings of Australians in the pelt-hunting days. Enjoying complete protection, there should be little fear of the platypus becoming extinct. Its numbers should go on increasing until, in time, it may become just as plentiful as it was in the early days of colonisation.





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