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Stars of the southern skies

The southern skies provide endless interest and beauty for the star gazer. In a way, Australia feels a certain proprietary right over the southern skies; and if any such claim could be made, this country would certainly have an outstanding right to it, for she has a greater area of land south of the equator than any other country, with the possible exception of Brazil .

Because of the spherical shape of the earth, many stars of one hemisphere cannot always be clearly seen by observers from the other. For this reason, Australia is better situated for observation of stars of the southern skies than any other country further north.

The southern half of the sky boasts the brightest star of all, Sirius; one of the most striking, wide pairs of bright stars, the pointers to the Cross; the greatest concentration of bright stars, that around Centaurus; the richest parts of the Milky Way; two famous naked-eye globular clusters, Omega Centauri and 47 Toucani; and two unique star "clouds," the Greater Magellanic Cloud and the Lesser Magellanic Cloud.


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