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Haunts of The Platypus

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The Platypus Burrow

Platypuses In Captivity

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The Platypus Burrow.

Underground nurseries are favored by the platypus, whose burrows measure from about 20 to 100 feet in length. Usually the burrow commences in a sloping bank of a creek or a river. An average depth of about 2 feet is maintained as a rule, but in some circumstances the burrow may be shallower or much deeper. Almost flat on the bottom, it has an arched or domed roof. The rounded floor of the nest chamber is covered with a layer of grass upon which is built a layer of gum leaves several inches deep. Though gum leaves are usually chosen to make the nest, some-times couch grass stems, reed flags or willow rootlets are used.

Platypus eggs have parchment like shells and resemble the eggs of reptiles. Two, and occasionally three, eggs constitute the clutch. During the whole period of incubation, approximately three weeks, the mother platypus is believed to remain unrelieved on the nest.




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